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‚ÄčLinda McCrea is a native of Omaha, NE.  She retired after 33 years as an educator in the Millard Public School system.  Her journey began over 23 years ago after she walked into a local Dollhouse Shop and bought her first dollhouse.  Through guidance, research, and determination, Linda developed her own personal style.  With that style the miniature boxes came to life.  Each box is personally handcrafted for detail and authenticity.  With the support of family and friends, Linda decided to bring her Miniature Art to the public.  Linda's hope is, as you look into each room box, it will come to life for you.


An Artist comes in many facets, whether it is through paintings, sculptures, or architecture.  Artists tell a story....a story that fills their soul with a vision, a vision to create something that they feel passionate about.  From that passion the story comes to life through their art.  I am an artist of Miniatures.  I want these room boxes to stir in you the same emotions as it did in me when creating each piece.  A memory, an experience, a dream....may you look into these miniature boxes and feel the passion and know the story.

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Lil' Mac's Miniatures